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Our experience - Your added value

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Our experience - Your added value

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Our services

We offer comprehensive legal services for businesses.
We focus on commercial contracts, corporate law, real estate, intellectual property, public procurement, labour law and business regulation.
We also represent our clients in court and arbitration disputes within the aforementioned areas.

About us

We are a Czech-Slovak law firm with headquarters in Prague and Bratislava.

Since 2003, we have been providing comprehensive legal services for businesses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our clients are self-employed entrepreneurs and e-shops, small and medium-sized businesses and manufacturing companies, but also large multinational companies in the field of healthcare, engineering or retail, including the operation of shopping centres. Some have been with us since 2003, most of them we have been working for more than 10 years, but we also deal with budding entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What is important to us

We know our clients’ business
We try to perceive the essence of our clients’ business. We always focus on how our clients’ businesses generate money.

We speak the language of our client
We do not burden our clients with legal terminology, but simply “translate” everything into common language. We carefully adapt our communication to the addressees.

We have a proactive approach
We try to predict the development of events. The right solution must not only meet current needs, but also withstand the future.

Our goal

“With a precise and sensitive approach applied in each individual case, to create a high standard of quality of services provided and to establish long-term relationships with clients based on trust and benefit from mutual cooperation.”

What do we do differently?

We are not buck passers and we accept responsibility
Our output does not end with a long list of disclaimers for the proposed solution. Our clients thus pay for services for which we bear full responsibility.

Honest services at fair prices
We offer only practical solutions and avoid providing unsolicited and useless information, which ultimately means more accurate services for less money.

Our hourly rates already include a high level of expertise
Our clients pay for a high level of our knowledge, not for increasing our qualifications. That’s why you won’t find items like “research of professional literature” on our invoice.

Years of experience


Trust Us

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